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Elements are ingredients of a recipe and Principals how you use in the recipe.

Elements of Design

Color – The characteristic of light by which the individual perceives objects or light sources; how the eye sees and interpret wavelengths of light

Form – A three dimensional object

Light – Illumination necessary for vision

Line – One-dimension visual path through design

Pattern – design formed by solids and spaces between them

Size – the perceived or visual dimensions of components rather than actual dimensions

Space – the open area in and around a design

There are 3 kinds of space – total space, space within plant material, space established in design

Texture – Surface quality of a material

Principals of Design

Balance – visual balance or stability

Dominance – the greater impact of one element over the others

Contrast – use of opposite characteristics to emphasize differences

Rhythm – created by a dominant visual path of lines, forms, and/or colors in a design

Proportion – comparative relationship of areas and amounts

Scale – the size relationship of one object in a design compared to another