I have been having fun with my succulent bonsai trees.  This one is coming along nicely.  It’s a Crassula Ovata commonly known as a jade plant.  The variety pictured here is ‘Ogre Ears’ or ‘Shrek’s Ears’ which I think is a perfect description of the leaves. This variety seems to be much more tolerant and trainable than the more common crassula argentea.

I am having fun with this project.  It takes a bit of patience but there’s a lot of room for error if you make a regrettable branch cut.  I am starting to pinch the ends of the crassula argentea variety because they tend to get a bit leggy and I’ve had a number of branches falling off.  I’m hoping the pinching will promote more bushiness and hopefully smaller leaves.  Time will tell.

To give you some scale, the oval pot measures about 3 x 4  inches across and about 3 inches high.  

I was looking at the tree and it seemed a bit “crowded” was time for a trim.  The branch I’m holding is the one I decided to cut back.  

I only removed one branch but I think the tree looks much more balanced.