Oh, rats!  I mean that literally.  The rats are out of control in my yard.  This is different than the occasional sighting. I don’t mind the periodic rodent issue, but they have crossed a line. They are eating my succulents!  The rats have crossed over from cute to not so cute.  It’s me against them!

In the picture at the right, the top pot was a beautiful lush plant that hung down to the pot at the bottom.  You can see the purple pieces laying in the bottom pot. 🙁
This is now an unattractive graptoveria.  This plant has been stripped of most of its succulent leaves.
Although I haven’t actually seen it in action, I can just see the rats sitting on top of this pot and reaching down as far as their little paws can reach to pick the leaves of this sedum.
This crassula was so pretty and covered the pot before it became an entree for the rats.  ….sigh….

I want to look on the bright side and say that I have the opportunity to buy some more plants but I can’t even be enthusiastic about replacing anything if it will just suffer the same fate.  Stay tuned…..