I’m not much into roses but I have a few climbers in my yard.  One is a pretty pink climber hanging over an arbor in my yard. I first saw this variety in Texas a few years ago. We were driving through a neighborhood and I spotted it. I got out to take pictures and was greeted by the plant’s owner. He told me the story that it was named after a woman named Peggy Martin.  She had lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. A few weeks after the hurricane, she was allowed to go back to her home which has been completely underwater for days.  When she got there everything was destroyed, but this rose was climbing out of the middle of the rubble, strong and apparently unfazed by all the mess.

I was telling my friend, Chris, about this rose and he knew the story, too. Turns out he had this variety growing in his yard and gave me a cutting he had propagated. It really took off when I planted it. This climber densely blooms along the length of the branches with brilliant pink flowers.  Even better, this rose has no thorns!  If there’s a downside, it would be that the flowers have no scent.  Two out of three is fine!

I planted my cutting in a location that doesn’t have room to showcase this beauty in its full blooming glory and I’ve decided that I’m going to place this beauty next to my Cecile Brunner in the alley. The different shades of pink will complement each other, one will have a nice smell and one will be spectacular in bloom.

I waited until the last bloom cycle was over and took cuttings of new growth.  To start perfect new rose clones, cut below first leaf set below the flower, count down 4 more leaf seats, cut, remove bottom two leaf sets, stick cane 1/2 way into dirt.  I’ve got three in process.  Now we wait!

I’m not sure if this one is going to make it.

But this one has fresh growth starting to peek out!