I love this kalanchoe.  A friend gave me a bunch of cuttings from his plants year 5 years ago and I positioned two of them on each side of my living room window.  These plants are slow growing but steady and I love the structural look to them.  They are attention grabbers when people come through my gate and the soft, fuzzy leaves are an added bonus.

The pieces were barely up to the windsill but five years later they have grown to sizable plants, so much that I have had to cut back a couple of errant branches in the past year.

When I cut back branches I snapped healthy leaves off and set them on a shady shelf in my garden to see if they would propagate on their own and I’m happy to say that it is quite successful.

Kalanchoe beharensis Felt Plant

The first signs of new growth at the base of the leaf.

Kalanchoe beharensis

Coming right along

Sometimes the new plants eventually separate themselves from the stem and are already sending out rootlets so I plant them lightly into a small pot and let them keep going.  Once in awhile they stay attached so I just lay the whole thing on top of the dirt in a bigger pot and just let time do its thing.  I’ve given quite a few plants away to friends already.