Coronado Flower Show Springs into Action to Celebrate

100 Years in Bloom

April 23-24: Weekend long centennial celebration brings together local businesses, nonprofits and community groups across the arts, agriculture, environmental and education fields. More than 4,000 plant lovers anticipated to attend the two-day outdoor event.

Known as the “longest running tradition in Coronado,” the Coronado Flower Show offers its attendees beautiful landscape displays and a variety of floral competitions with a mission to educate the public. The show is organized using the National Garden Clubs, Inc. flower show rules Over the two-day event, more than 4,000 attendees will gather in Spreckels Park in the center of Coronado. Visitors will enjoy live bandstand entertainment, delicious food, a beer & wine garden as well as shopping featuring several local artists and small businesses.

In addition, the week before the event from April 8 -10, 2022 there is a “Home Front Judging” event to recognize exceptional home and business gardens throughout the city. Citizens around Coronado meticulously curate their gardens, home fronts, store fronts, apartment buildings, condominium complexes, churches, and school gardens in hopes of winning an elusive blue ribbon in the annual “Home Front Judging” competition.