What’s up with the name?
It started with one little tomato plant in the spring that grew into a monster. We counted (and counted and counted and counted!) as we picked and threw a party when we hit 1000. Within 3 weeks we were up to 2000 and a month later we stopped counting at 3,000! We knew the real count was a lot higher than that because the plant was so big we couldn’t reach in far enough to get what was inside, but that just means we’ll get lots of volunteers!!! Anyway, it was a fun spectacle that got passersby interested.

1000 tomatoes We celebrated 1000 Tomatoes with a bunch of friends on a Sunday evening – July 27, 2008.

2000 Tomatoes Little Charlie came over to pick the 2000th tomato on August 6, 2008.

3000 tomatoesAnother party to celebrate our 3000th tomato. Hannah had the honors of picking the tomato on August 25, 2008. We stopped counting after that!

Leslie Crawford, mother of the famous tomato!